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Best Review Asia

เกี่ยวกับเรา – ภาษาไทย << About us – Thai Version

Hello! besteview.asia was formed for a single purpose: To bring you honest and reliable product information. We test, carefully select, and review only quality, genuine products to make your experience an enjoyable one when buying online.

We are a small team with qualifications and backgrounds in computer science, engineering, tools, cosmetics, automotive, and electrical products. We write from an expert’s viewpoint on all our reviews.

We are a completely Thai based team fluent in both English and Thai. We do not purchase content. We write our own content, through our own dedicated and friendly team, to ensure our information is 100% accurate.

We are not a franchise reviewing products all over the world. We love our country and want to help it surface in this new digital age we are all experiencing.

This is what we enjoy doing; helping people all over Thailand makes it even better for us.

What you can expect from us?

We test many of the products we review in order to ensure they meet our strict standards. It is all too common to have an underwhelming experience when shopping online. We know this from personal experience. We want you to enjoy the benefits of home and online shopping whilst safe in the knowledge the products you pay for, and rely on, are of quality and fit for purpose.

How to and information

Along the way we make guides of our experiences and expertise. If we feel there is an opportunity to help and teach people on a subject we understand fully, then we will share this information for free in a hope we can make Thailand a better place.

That is our promise and commitment to you. Thank you for supporting us in supporting you.